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KathieSenior Pastor Kathie

Pastor Kathie was born and raised in Bay Shore, L.I., New York, the eldest of four daughters; Kathie received Jesus as her Lord and Savior at the young age of 12 in her mother’s hometown of Princeton, West Virginia. From that moment on her life was dedicated to serving her Lord. She gave herself to the studying of the Word of God and learning the guitar. Though her family went through a difficult time of hardship and divorce Kathie's pursuit of the Lord became even stronger. Her love for the Word and passion for music in worship opened a door of ministry and at 16 years old along with her sister Sharon, became a part of a gospel singing group called The Kings Daughters.

In 1979, Kathie became a part of a local church where she served for 25 years. She served in the music ministry, pioneered the church choir, helped establish and taught in the Church’s Christian School (K-12) and was overseer to the Women’s Ministry. Her ministries also included preaching and teaching, counseling, leadership training and outreach.

During this time Kathie was diagnosed with a very rare kidney disorder that almost took her life. This was a 13 year battle filled with pain caused by recurring spasms in her kidneys and the formation of stones, sand and gravel. This resulted in chronic kidney infections and the eventual implanting of a Medtronic morphine pump in order to help control the pain. This was the most difficult time in Kathie’s life resulting in much loss both physically and personally. Yet “through it all” the Lord’s hand prevailed in her life! Through much prayer and perseverance Kathie received her miracle! The 13 year battle was over and the pain was gone!

Not long after that Kathie found herself in a new place in her life and in her walk with God. His calling and purpose for her life was beginning to unfold and New Hope International Ministries was about to be born. In 2005, the Lord opened a door to begin a work in Bay Shore, L.I. the “Heart of the South Shore.” After strong prophetic confirmation through the Lord’s prophets and apostolic ministry, New Hope had its first service on November 6, 2005. Pastor Kathie was ordained through prophetic presbytery and the laying on of hands as the Senior Pastor of NHIM, along with six other men and women as the founding elders of the work. Today the church has grown and reaches hundreds through its outreach and various other ministries.

Pastor Kathie is also the proud mother of three beautiful children, Samuel, Daniel and Rachel and one grandchild, Samuel Jr, all of whom serve the Lord today.

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TonyPastor Tony

Pastor Tony is one of the associate Pastors and founding elders of New Hope International Ministries, Being born in Brooklyn his family moved to Long Island when he was 5 years old. Pastor Tony received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of 25. After spending the next 5 years studying the Word of God and cultivating a relationship with Jesus, Tony felt called to be a part of the music ministry in his previous church. Shortly thereafter Tony became a care leader and taught home group Bible Study. As time went on Tony became involved in the Men’s Ministry and was a co-leader. He was also a founder and co-elder of the Prison Ministry.

In 2005 Pastor Tony along with his wife Janet felt called to join Pastor Kathie in establishing New Hope International Ministries in Bay Shore. In 2007 Pastor Tony was ordained into the Five Fold Ministry and is currently functioning as a Pastor as well as a prophetic revelatory teacher and preacher. He is a co-leader in the Men’s Ministry and is a member of the Praise & Worship team. Still carrying a burden for those in prison he someday will establish a ministry to reach inmates with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Tony’s hearts desire is to see God’s people grow and become equipped to fulfill their calling and destiny in Christ Jesus.

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KevinPastor Kevin

Pastor Kevin gave his life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in 1983 and has been serving the Lord and His church for 27 years. His experience in ministry includes choir and worship teams, home group leadership, financial counseling, doctrinal and development teaching, mission work and pastoral ministry.

In addition to church leadership Kevin also leads and manages wholesale insurance offices in New York City and Long Island. Kevin resides in Dix Hills, New York with Terry, his wife of 26 years, and their four children – Matthew, Kevin, Hannah and Christian. Kevin currently holds a certification in Theological Studies from the International Miracle Institute.

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janetPastor Janet

Pastor Janet is one of the Associate Pastors and founding elders of New Hope International Ministries. She always considered Long Island her home even though she didn't move to this area until she was eleven years old. Pastor Janet received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at the age of 22, while separated from her husband after only 1 year of marriage. She and Pastor Tony just recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. Our God is truly a miracle working God!

Pastor Janet spent the next years of her life raising 4 beautiful children, yet God had more for her to do. In 1986, Pastor Janet was appointed Dance Minister in her local church at the time and served 19 years running multiple dance ministries, a dance school and also choreographed major Christian productions. She was also actively involved in the food pantry there as well as the Women’s Ministry.

In 2005 Pastor Janet, along with her husband Tony, felt called to join with Pastor Kathie in establishing New Hope International Ministries in Bay Shore. In 2007 Pastor Janet was ordained into the Five Fold Ministry and is currently functioning as a Pastor to God’s people. She is presently director of the Open Arms Outreach Ministry and food pantry as well as the head of the Intercession Prayer Group. She also continues to be an intricate part of the Women’s Ministry and is a member of the Praise and Worship team.

Pastor Janet longs to see God’s people become all that they are destined to be as well as having the opportunity to see the lives of those less fortunate be transformed by the power of God and by the love of His people.

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TerryDeaconess Terry

Terry first encountered the Lord in 1983 and has faithfully served Him since that time. She has actively served in choir, worship teams, home group ministry, missions work and currently serves as a deacon at New Hope International Ministries.

Terry has been married to her husband Kevin for 26 years and has four children – Matthew, Kevin, Hannah and Christian. In addition to her ministry interests, Terry is pursuing training and education in health and nutrition.

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RoseannaDeaconess Roseanna

Roseanna was born and raised on Long Island and is the oldest of four siblings. She attended and graduated from Christian school and attended a local college for two years. Roseanna attended a local Christian church for 25 years and served in various ministries beginning at the tender age of 10 years old. She faithfully served in Sunday school, hospitality, Pioneers and Rangers and the Women’s Ministry. Roseanna was also an integral part of the church’s Dance and Production ministries and the school’s Dance Academy. Roseanna was nurtured and raised in the House of the Lord and grew to become a role model and leader amongst the young people. She became the assistant director of the Dance Academy as well as administrative director of the Women’s Ministry.

In 2005 Roseanna felt the call of God to be a part of a group of leaders pioneering a new work in Bay Shore, NY called New Hope International Ministries. In 2007 Roseanna was ordained as a Deacon in the House and continues to be an integral part of the leadership team. Roseanna is the overseer and Youth Leader to New Hope's youth group "Soul’d Out" as well as overseer to the church's sound ministry. Roseanna also handles much of the churches administrative and accounting responsibilities.

Roseanna's vision is to see young people on fire for God reaching out to their generation with the hope and love of Jesus Christ and helping to disciple the youth to be evangelists to their generation. Roseanna also has a desire to see the Arts, specifically dance, restored to the church and used as a vital tool to reach the lost.

In addition to working full time as an Assistant Vice President/Office Manager for a wholesale insurance company, Roseanna also is the co-owner of a Christian dance studio in West Islip called In His Steps Dance Studio.

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